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MR2 AW10 AW11

A little different topic to the the usual retro gaming, cars. My first car was the Toyota MR2 AW10, it had a Carburetor. The AW11 was fuel injected. 

The design originally came from Lotus and Lotus rejecting the idea and a long comes Toyota to take the design. It is an amazing midrange sports car,...

Wednesday 8th of September 6:18 PM - Lurch

Vampire 4SA mini ITX expansion board

- V4 mini-ITX Expansion board - specs, registration -
  Hi Team Amiga!
  This is the formal thread for the V4 mini-ITX Expansion Board that my team and I are currently developing for the Apollo V4. Note that this is currently a personal project that is being developed by our company in New Zeala...

Friday 3rd of September 1:33 AM

The Pick-Up

Life can be very interesting at times, I meet an amazing guy today when I went to pick-up my Amiga 500 purchase. Had many a good yarn to share, some small world moments were had. Right down to him knowing my Uncle.

One piece of advice he had if you are not enjoying what you are doing then do some...

Friday 3rd of September 1:33 AM

Amiga 500

So it begins.....Amiga 500 kickstart 1.2, 1MB RAM total with 512KB in the trapdoor. Hopefully nothing out of the ordinary inside. 

Has had an aftermarket floppy drive installed, not 100% sure about that. But will test that when I get the chance. 

Comes with a 1084 monitor, hopefully it's in work...

Friday 3rd of September 1:33 AM