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Asus G75 modding time

Some mods for the ASUS G75VW. At first I unlocked the BIOS and overclocked the GPU with a custom BIOS/VBIOS. The VBIOS is part of the BIOS. Usually the GTX 660M that comes with the G75VW is clocked at 835 MHz, with the custom BIOS it is hitting 1000MHz. The custom BIOS can be found here:


It also lets you change quite afew options in the BIOS many with cryptic headings.

However I wasn't happy with that, so I ordered a G75VX motherboard and a GTX 670MX. This is the last update for the G75 range of ASUS ROG laptops. They have arrived, but due to importing restrictions the seller removed the BIOS battery but in doing so ripped it off the board. So I will have to learn how to solder, I've picked up all the soldering gear so just need to find a time to get on with it.

The heatsink and heat pipes are on the way to me for the GTX 670MX as the current GTX 660M GPU ones sadly don't fit. 

The RAM has been upgraded, originally it was 16GB DDR3 SO-DIMM but I've gone with the max of 32GB. 

It still has the 120GB SSD, but I've added two spinning laptop HDD's raided together giving me a data drive of 1.4TB. I removed the DVD drive and used the SATA connector for the 3rd HDD.

The face plate I took off the old DVD drive and stuck it on the SATA tray so it looks the part and the laptop still looks standard d:-)

I have a vinyl wrap on the way to give it a face lift.

I also have a WiFI AC standard card waiting to be installed as the original is Wireless N. 

The last hardware upgrade will be the CPU, I've tracked down an i7-3940MX extreme edition. This CPU is the fastest for that gen laptop. It also has a TDP of 55W so might produce more heat than the current i7-3630QM. 

So a work in progress, I will post some photos as I move a long with the project.