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Some mods for the ASUS G75VW. At first I unlocked the BIOS and overclocked the GPU with a custom BIOS/VBIOS. The VBIOS is part of the BIOS. Usually the GTX 660M that comes with the G75VW is clocked at 835 MHz, with the custom BIOS it is hitting 1000MHz. The custom BIOS can be found here:


Friday 3rd of September 1:32 AM


A couple of months ago I picked up an ASUS G75VW, it's an older gen laptop with a 3rd generation I7. Below are the specifications for it:

Brand/Model: ASUS Rog G75V Display: 17.3" Full HD CPU: Intel Core Intel i7- 3630QM upto 3.40GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M Storage: 120SSD for fast start-up a...

Friday 3rd of September 1:31 AM