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So it begins.....Amiga 500 kickstart 1.2, 1MB RAM total with 512KB in the trapdoor. Hopefully nothing out of the ordinary inside. 

Has had an aftermarket floppy drive installed, not 100% sure about that. But will test that when I get the chance. 

Comes with a 1084 monitor, hopefully it's in working condition and only has the normal wear and tear and of course some had the broken cover in the front and the power switch not sticking on. d:-)

Not sure of the motherboard revision but going by the case maybe a V6? Time will tell. 

Hopefully there will be some disks thrown in for a quick play-a-round, but ideally a nice floppy drive emulator of some sort would be better.

Possible upgrades raspberry Pi HDMI and of course the legendary PiStorm are the most likely go to's d:-)