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Commodore C128D

Always wanted a C128D since I was a kid, my friends older brother at the time had one setup in his bedroom with all the upgrades money could buy at the time. It was an amazing looking machine, it could switch between 3 modes. C64, C128 and CP/M. It was a step up from the C64, but most people ran it in C64 mode for gaming. Although there were a few C128 games, and some C64 games used the C128 features to enhance loading and the like. I have yet to explore it further and can't wait to one day have somewhere I can set it up permanently. Until then sadly it is sitting in it's box d:-(

However I did purchase a SD2IEC this allows me to use an SDCard for loading games and a Fastload cartridge to take load times down to 1 to 3 minutes depending on the game.




Some photos of the C128D itself d:)