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ZX Evolution

I have a huge fascination with retro/vintage computers. Growing up in the 8bit and then the 16bit era was a great time, a golden time for the computer age.

My first computer was a Commodore 64c, then followed later by the Amiga 500. My friends at the time had Atari's, Amstrad and the odd Apple here and there. The ZX spectrum was another popular 8bit at the time.

I remember going to my friends farm, his older brother had a huge loft space above the garage full of goodies. Starting with radio control cars all the way to computers. He had a C64, C128d and a ZX Spectrum. 

I always wanted a Commodore C128d and to also play with a Spectrum ever since those long ago memories. Finally I decided to try the ZX Evolution which is a home hobby computer. I talked about it for awhile on Facebook in the Sinclair Society group and then I pulled he trigger and purchased one, along with a network card and a sound card. 

Now while the long wait of it arriving I have been watching TJ on youtube which is inpiring me even more, but making the wait even more unberable. 

When it arrives I will see if I can't do a review or two about it, I love tinkering with old and new reboots of old hardware, so refreshing and interesting. 

If you are interested in the ZX Evolution you can find more information and purchase it through http://nedopc.com/zxevo/zxevo_eng.php